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Our highly qualified team members have been in the business of import and trade of frozen seafood for over 30 years.  In 2005 we opened a branch office in Italy and have expanded our business network with the opening of agencies in La Réunion and Eastern and Northern Europe in 2015.

In January 2020, Aloha Seafood merges with Philéo. Charles Souffrin is the new President of Aloha Seafood. The Headquarter are now based in Anger

In October 2020, a new subsidiary is created in Quebec / Canada, Aloha Les Produits de la Mer, to strengthen the sourcing of seafood products from Canada and market our products in North America


The sales team is composed of the General Manager and Regional Sales Agents located mainly in Europe.

  • President : Charles Souffrin, scientific training (National Agronomic Institute of Paris-Grigon) and commercial (Ecole supérieure de Paris) background, founder of PhiléO in 2015 which merged with Aloha Seafood in 2020 following the sale of the company. 15 years of experience in seafood.

  • Executive assistante : Claire Coiffard, in charge of administration and of corporate social responsIbility matters.

  • Responsible for the development of the Canadian subsidiary : Franck Gagey.

Regional sales agents :

  • Indian Ocean, Franck Gagey, 25 years of experience in seafood products sales nationally  and regionally.

  • Italy, Mario Andreotti, 30 years of experience in seafood products sales.

  • Eastern Europe, Franck Bigger, partner Nov East, 25 years of experience in seafood products sales.

  • Northern Europe, Marc Telliez, 25 years of experience in seafood products sales.



  • 2017  10 M€ /  75%  export benefits

  • 2018  10 M€ /  75% export benefits

  • 2019  10 M€ /  75%  export benefits

  • Volume treated 800 Tons /year

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