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With our commitment to high quality, Aloha Seafood offers only the best of frozen seafood from around the world. 

We import from Chili, South Korea, Canada, Russia, as well as Spain, Ireland, Netherlands and Norway.  Our specialty is essentially shellfish, but we can provide a large range of fish and mollusc.

Our team of expert management and logistics and our high level of customer service will ensure a rapid and effective response to all your orders.


Our main clients are wholesalers, central buyers and the processing industry. We do not sell directly to restaurants or individuals, as our minimum sale is a pallet.


Our certified plants and factories operate in strict accordance with national and international food safety guidelines.

Processing, packaging, labelling are sub-contracted to plants based in Boulogne and Dunkerque in France.
Delivery is confided only to reliable, rapid, international carriers specialized in cold chain transportation.

Our products are stored in dedicated cold storage at -20° (Somatref in Marseille  and SDPN in Boulogne sur mer) respecting the strictest rules of safety and security.

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